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Seminar Follow-up


Our Cyber Security Seminar held on Thursday 9th June 2016, where over 50 delegates attended, guest speakers were:

Peter Brown, Technical Director, EOS Systems

Dougie Grant, Detective Chief Inspector, Investigations and Cyber Crime Centre

Alex Michael, Security Advisor, Dell 


Alex Michael (Dell), Steve Lloyd (Dell), Paul Mayne (EOS Systems), Peter Brown (EOS Systems), Dougie Grant (PSNI) and Michael Silke (Exertis)

The theme of the seminar was “It Will Never Happen to Me".

Delegates were informed about current threats, along with the impact ransomware could have on your business.  One of the areas delegates expressed a high level of interest in was the different forms of "phishing attacks” and the increasing sophistication of the attackers.

The seminar was rounded off with an introduction to how businesses should educate their employees in identifying daily threats.

As the volatile cyber security landscape continues to change and throw up ever more sophisticated threats, businesses need to ensure they are in the best possible shape to detect and adapt to the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks.  This will include:


Peter Brown explaining the necessity for business to have Cyber Security Policies.  

Frequent training of staff - so they are up to date on the latest threats;

Installing vendor security patches as a matter of routine

Constantly checking for any new vulnerabilities that may manifest themselves.

Most Common Forms of Crypto Locker

Crypto Locker, CryptoDefense and CryptoWall

Five Stages of Crypto Ransomware

1. Installation

2. Contacting Headquarters

3. Hand Shake and Keys

4. Encryption

5. Extortion

Educating users on the Do’s and Don'ts is a Major factor in reducing risk

• You don’t get calls from your Bank about the Balance in your account.

• You don’t get phone calls from Microsoft Technical Support or other support agents.

• You don’t get emails from HMRC “You are owed credit and to contact them”.

• You probably don’t have a long lost Relative in the Congo who has Millions that they need you to hold for them just short term.

• Passwords should be changed regularly.  Do not use common ones.


Paul Mayne with Roger Lomas, winner of The Cyber Security draw for a windows tablet.   

If you were unable to attend and would like further information, please contact myself via email,

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